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On Editing

One of the reasons the writing process—and especially academic writing—relies so heavily on editing is that it is a sedimentary process. Writing develops over time, where slowly and steadily, layers of new information and nuance are added into a manuscript. When something is first drafted you do so in dialogue with a number of other […]

Portrait of a Footnote

I think it takes me so long to write sometimes because I get caught up in the furrows and folds of the text I am producing. And I think that one of the reasons for this is the inherent complexity of the material relationships I am writing about. As political identities and connections, they have […]

The Art of the Paragraph

Most students don’t get paragraphing. They are stuck within the faulty and damaging logic of the 5 Paragraph Essay. They can’t think beyond the structure of: Intro Second Strongest Argument Weakest Argument Strongest Argument Conclusion … with a paragraph to each one. If you set them a 10-page essay, they will deliver five 2-page paragraphs; […]

Referral: Lauren Berlant on Politics, Writing and Checking-In

This morning’s inspiring reading comes from Lauren Berlant’s excellent blog Supervalent Thought. She’s writing about writing, politics, exhaustion and the process of checking-in, of consultation, of that thing-we-do-to-keep-ourselves-sane when the overwhelming grind of structural oppression just keeps dredging up more and more material evidence of how much work there still is to do and we […]

The Surfacing of Sexual Subcultures

Pop culture is semiotically self-reflexive. Something making it into the mainstream visible recirculates due to that very visibility. It’s public sphere presence surfaces it and then—as surface culture—it continues to circulate. Either because writers draw from what is already out there, or because editors trim what might not be commonly known, the store of common […]

Possible Books

Sometimes writing a book is like staring into the abyss and trying to yank out threads of possibility. Possible words. Possible sentences.

Referral: What We Use to Write

Excellent ponder on Jonathan Sterne’s blog about what we, as academics or other writers, use to write with when the proliferation of new digital tools and systems (such as project management software, cloud storage, appware) is tempting us in new workflow directions. Writing: Tools of the Trade I’ve been thinking about this a lot as […]

Looking for People Interested in Reading Chapter Drafts for Non-Monogamy Book

I’m submitting my book manucript Non-Monogamies in the Public Sphere: Intimacy, Privilege and the Space of Discourse for review at UBC Press this summer. If anyone is interested in reading chapter drafts, please let me know, I would love any and all feedback, from academics and non-academics alike as I am aiming for a blended […]

Brief Aside on the Power of Editing

I’m marking my finals and noticing that a student with in-progress writing skills has handed in a final that is obviously his work (especially since I saw a much rougher draft of the same material) but much cleaner and more well-wrought as a piece of writing. My intuition sees in this the marks of this […]

On Radio Silence and a Referral

Sometimes silence on a blog can mean good things. In this case it means I’m getting some work done on my book, on which I shall have to blog more extensively later. In the mean time, I will continue to post drips and drabs, maybe even occasionally a full post. Today’s drop in the bucket—courtesy of […]