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Conferences and Live-Tweeting

I just got back from the 2011 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences1 in Fredericton where I was presenting at the Canadian Communication Association (CCA) annual conference. It was a great conference and I was especially excited to take part in an impromptu lunch-time “Grad Pub Summit” around the idea of forming a CCA interest group […]


I’ve been thinking about aphorisms this morning, and how I think I want to start including them in this blog. I have always been drawn to aphorisms, to short pithy statements, little nuggets of thought. The Oxford defines them as “general truths” or short statements of a scientific principle—e.g., “Every action has an equal and […]

News, Publics and Peers

I’m sitting on some excellent news, professionally speaking, which becomes interesting when you have recently started a blog devoted (at least in part) to talking about matters related to professional academia. If part of your public persona is suddenly invested in a space of public intimacy, to use Maria Bakardjieva’s terminology, where is the line […]