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The Hunger Games and Hyperreality

As I was getting into Toronto on the train yesterday, I had a hyperreal Hunger Games—related moment. While finishing the sequel, Catching Fire, on my way back into town from my final Consumerism and Identities class in Brantford, I noticed that the woman next to me was tearing into the first book of the trilogy. […]

Paths of Flight

So, apparently, as indexed by my apartment shaking every few minutes accompanied by the thundering of jet engines, there is another air show today in Toronto. I can’t say I’m a fan of these particular spectacles, which is a bit of a shame, because I enjoy aerospace technology in general. It’s just that whenever the […]

Not Necessarily Skynet, but…

Ok, so I am as enthusiastic about new trends in technology as the next geeky technophile—as Eddie Izzard would say I have “techno-joy” rather than “techno-fear”—but articles like this one creep me the heck out. It is called “Robots to Get their Own Internet” and discusses a project called RoboEarth that will interlink robotic workers in an […]