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Connoting Gender

Gender is one of the most complex words in our social and theoretical cannons. And a fundamental part of this complexity—or as Latour might say complicatedness—is that, to many, it appears simple and straightforward. As such, to define it, to speak of its denotation, becomes difficult, if not impossible. Like “queer” it escapes definition, or maybe more precisely […]

Conferences and Live-Tweeting

I just got back from the 2011 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences1 in Fredericton where I was presenting at the Canadian Communication Association (CCA) annual conference. It was a great conference and I was especially excited to take part in an impromptu lunch-time “Grad Pub Summit” around the idea of forming a CCA interest group […]

“Birds Do It, Bees Do It…”

Today a link from my Guardian news feed reminded me about the sheer goodness of Isabella Rossellini’s short film series Green Porno. Started in 2008, Green Porno stars Rossellini in short dramatic reenactments of the sex lives of animals. Now, in addition to three series of Green Porno, I was excited to discover two new series of […]