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Field Musings

You know your research object has become a research field when it becomes impossible to keep up with all the new material it keeps hurling your way without a research team.

Robotic Intimacies as Class and Chronicle

I just finished my first Robotic Intimacies class of the term, and I’m excited by what this new semester has in store. One of the insights that came out in discussion with a current grad student who had taken the class last term, the first time I taught it, is that the problematics that had […]

Not Necessarily Skynet, but…

Ok, so I am as enthusiastic about new trends in technology as the next geeky technophile—as Eddie Izzard would say I have “techno-joy” rather than “techno-fear”—but articles like this one creep me the heck out. It is called “Robots to Get their Own Internet” and discusses a project called RoboEarth that will interlink robotic workers in an […]