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Referral: Office Hours are Over

I love this new meme genre of reaction gifs. It’s like someone figured out a way to bottle affect. This one in particular is wonderful for tapping that odd brew of emotions that is life in academe (with thanks to Andrew Herman for bringing it to my attention!)

#RaceFail and Reconciliation

A quick referral this morning, since some of the things I’m incubating as ideas to talk about I can’t announce yet… This is a link to NK Jemisin’s Continuum Guest of Honour speech where she uses Australian history as a metaphor and model for how “truth in reconciliation” could be used as a model […]

Referral: Policing the Intimate Space of Nations This morning’s referral is a truly terrifying personal account by writer Clay Nikiforuk on her treatment by American border security agents due to being a woman carrying condoms. The telling conflation in this piece of open non-monogamy, adultery and sex work and the clearly misogynist attitudes and practices that conflate border security with ideological […]

Referral: Anti-racist Dos and Don’ts for Perverts

Excellent post by m’colleague Andrea Zanin over at her blog Sex Geek about how to avoid/confront racist play and scenes in BDSM subculture.

Referral: What We Use to Write

Excellent ponder on Jonathan Sterne’s blog about what we, as academics or other writers, use to write with when the proliferation of new digital tools and systems (such as project management software, cloud storage, appware) is tempting us in new workflow directions. Writing: Tools of the Trade I’ve been thinking about this a lot as […]

Exercises for Marking Month Wrist Strain

This is a post for all of my academic colleagues who are currently in marking hell. Up until a year ago, I would always end up in a wrist brace come the end of term due to marking strain. With the combination of final term papers, exams, and the inevitable end-of-term influx of regular work—it’s […]

On Radio Silence and a Referral

Sometimes silence on a blog can mean good things. In this case it means I’m getting some work done on my book, on which I shall have to blog more extensively later. In the mean time, I will continue to post drips and drabs, maybe even occasionally a full post. Today’s drop in the bucket—courtesy of […]

in a simple grain of sand…

Blake talks about how one can see the whole universe in a simple grain of sand. These magnified pictures of sand speak to the truth of this. I think sand is another complex singularity—particular, honed to a familiar articulation and function by time and wave, but simultaneously billions upon billions of endpoints of singular journeys that all come together as a […]


I’ve decided that part of the ambit of this blog is going to involve pointing to interesting stories and analyses on other sites. I figure that since I spend so much time reading interesting things on the internet and that I like the ability of networked Internet space to organically promote and amplify material that people think […]