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New paper: Mutt, Monster or Melting-Pot? Mixed-Race Metaphor and Obama’s Ambivalent Hybridity

I’m excited to post a new short article of mine just published in Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology for the special issue Hacking the Black/White Binary edited by the amazing Brittney Cooper and Margaret Rhee. You can find it here: And here is Brittney and Margaret’s timely and thoughtful introduction to the special […]

#RaceFail to #Ferguson

From an essay I’m working on today: One question worth asking is what is the space between #RaceFail and #Ferguson‬? One important thing to note is that the time between them isn’t neutral, but rather one of development. The networked persistence of discussions of racism in life and culture (of which the stickiness of #RaceFail is […]

Polygamy Charges, Again and Some Historical Context for Canadian Antipolygamy Laws

Canada might be closer to laying charges on polygamy and child exploitation in Bountiful, as this article outlines: New polygamy, exploitation charges considered in Bountiful case This is connected to a long historical context which doesn’t make it into the journalistic glosses on the topic. I recently gave a paper on this at the inaugural […]

#RaceFail and Reconciliation

A quick referral this morning, since some of the things I’m incubating as ideas to talk about I can’t announce yet… This is a link to NK Jemisin’s Continuum Guest of Honour speech where she uses Australian history as a metaphor and model for how “truth in reconciliation” could be used as a model […]

Referral: Anti-racist Dos and Don’ts for Perverts

Excellent post by m’colleague Andrea Zanin over at her blog Sex Geek about how to avoid/confront racist play and scenes in BDSM subculture.

Race-Blind Discourse

Thinking about how race-blind discourse articulates with the decorporialization of whiteness, how the qualities associated with whiteness — such as civility, mobility, cultural elite status — come to be held out as potentially “universifiable” in a way that masks their continued valuation. In espousing a discourse of race-blindness the underlying power relations between whites and […]

On Radio Silence and a Referral

Sometimes silence on a blog can mean good things. In this case it means I’m getting some work done on my book, on which I shall have to blog more extensively later. In the mean time, I will continue to post drips and drabs, maybe even occasionally a full post. Today’s drop in the bucket—courtesy of […]


I’ve decided that part of the ambit of this blog is going to involve pointing to interesting stories and analyses on other sites. I figure that since I spend so much time reading interesting things on the internet and that I like the ability of networked Internet space to organically promote and amplify material that people think […]

Conferences and Live-Tweeting

I just got back from the 2011 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences1 in Fredericton where I was presenting at the Canadian Communication Association (CCA) annual conference. It was a great conference and I was especially excited to take part in an impromptu lunch-time “Grad Pub Summit” around the idea of forming a CCA interest group […]

Not Necessarily Skynet, but…

Ok, so I am as enthusiastic about new trends in technology as the next geeky technophile—as Eddie Izzard would say I have “techno-joy” rather than “techno-fear”—but articles like this one creep me the heck out. It is called “Robots to Get their Own Internet” and discusses a project called RoboEarth that will interlink robotic workers in an […]