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A Few Thoughts on BLM and Pride

Random thought from last night: Usually, a few days after Pride, we stop talking about it; it tucks away with LGBQT* issues broadly into its customary corner of the public sphere and the slate of public discussion moves on. This year, almost a week later, my news feed is absolutely full of discussion of LGBQT* […]

Referral: On the Dangers of Focus on the Family Teaching Sex Ed

This article about an amazing open letter from 17-year-old high school student Agatha Tan to her high school principal shows not only the dangers on letting Focus on the Family teach sexual education workshops but also the amazing resilience of youth with respect to attempts by institutions specifically and deliberately trying to limit their knowledge. […]

Portrait of a Footnote

I think it takes me so long to write sometimes because I get caught up in the furrows and folds of the text I am producing. And I think that one of the reasons for this is the inherent complexity of the material relationships I am writing about. As political identities and connections, they have […]

#RaceFail and Reconciliation

A quick referral this morning, since some of the things I’m incubating as ideas to talk about I can’t announce yet… This is a link to NK Jemisin’s Continuum Guest of Honour speech where she uses Australian history as a metaphor and model for how “truth in reconciliation” could be used as a model […]