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CFP: Screen Memories, Screen Cultures [Open Access Anthology; Papers due 19 Sept 16]

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Please find below the Call for Papers for the second open access anthology from The Canadian Network for Psychoanalysis and Culture on Screen Memories, Screen Cultures. And if you haven’t seen it I invite you to also check out the first anthology, The Freudian Legacy Today (Ed. Dina Georgis, Sara Matthews, and James Penney), […]

Imagined Communities

The biggest misread of Benedict Anderson’s concept of “imagined communities” is the notion that his argument is that such worlds are false or fictional constructs. Rather, what is meant by “imaginary” here is its psychoanalytic usage, which is to say “made of of images”. Humans use images to conceive of the world around us, and […]

From Discourse to Event

(I have been working on a paper—book?—that proposes extending Discourse Analysis along the vector of Event Theory, trying to push against the paradigm of linguistic analysis by recontextualizing language as one form of meaning-making—of affecting—among many. Here’s a piece…) How do you stop Event Analysis from collapsing into simply “Analysis”? Maybe the trick is you […]

Freud, Reclaimed

A quick and dirty queer and feminist reappropriation of Freud would be to just replace all of his references to “normal sexuality” with “normative intimacy.”

Zizekian Moment

I think I just experienced a Žižekian moment. Bear with me as I work out what I think I mean by this… Something I have always admired in the work of Slavoj Žižek is his ability to excise a Symbolic anchor from someplace in the world of words and images (which could be anything, a […]