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Polygamy Charges, Again and Some Historical Context for Canadian Antipolygamy Laws

Canada might be closer to laying charges on polygamy and child exploitation in Bountiful, as this article outlines: New polygamy, exploitation charges considered in Bountiful case This is connected to a long historical context which doesn’t make it into the journalistic glosses on the topic. I recently gave a paper on this at the inaugural […]

The Surfacing of Sexual Subcultures

Pop culture is semiotically self-reflexive. Something making it into the mainstream visible recirculates due to that very visibility. It’s public sphere presence surfaces it and then—as surface culture—it continues to circulate. Either because writers draw from what is already out there, or because editors trim what might not be commonly known, the store of common […]

Polygamy Ruling Imminent

We can expect the BC Supreme Court polygamy ruling today. Either way, this is going to be an interesting one to watch. More soon, but note how in this short article, already so much is at play: Bountiful, the subjunctively-framed “so-called polyamorists” (who are held even more in question than the polygamists by this […]

Polyamory on the CBC

This article is actually from just over a week ago, but I didn’t let myself write about it because of marking deadlines. But now that the marks are in and I’m between classes for a few weeks, it’s worth a mention. Polyamorists’ Relationships Wrongly Targeted: Lawyer This article is interesting from a number of angles. […]

Intertextual Polygamy

As the coverage pours in on the latter-days of the B.C. Court’s polygamy reference case,1 I am struck by the way that discourse flows between the news coverage of polygamy and the fictional accounts of polygamous life in the HBO series Big Love. I wrote about the first series of Big Love in some detail […]