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New paper: Mutt, Monster or Melting-Pot? Mixed-Race Metaphor and Obama’s Ambivalent Hybridity

I’m excited to post a new short article of mine just published in Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology for the special issue Hacking the Black/White Binary edited by the amazing Brittney Cooper and Margaret Rhee. You can find it here: And here is Brittney and Margaret’s timely and thoughtful introduction to the special […]

#RaceFail to #Ferguson

From an essay I’m working on today: One question worth asking is what is the space between #RaceFail and #Ferguson‬? One important thing to note is that the time between them isn’t neutral, but rather one of development. The networked persistence of discussions of racism in life and culture (of which the stickiness of #RaceFail is […]


The words “America” and “American” are, even just in themselves, already mythological. How do we build credible, useful and progressive international, transnational or global socio-political structures when one of the major national/subjective building blocks is discursively overdetermined?

Referral: Lauren Berlant on Politics, Writing and Checking-In

This morning’s inspiring reading comes from Lauren Berlant’s excellent blog Supervalent Thought. She’s writing about writing, politics, exhaustion and the process of checking-in, of consultation, of that thing-we-do-to-keep-ourselves-sane when the overwhelming grind of structural oppression just keeps dredging up more and more material evidence of how much work there still is to do and we […]

Election Signs

On my way to York today, I found myself wondering about election signs. And specifically, the kind of language used in them. It is always second person imperative: “Elect This Person,” or “Re-Elect That Person.” Obviously, this is the language of advertising, of a direct lineage with slogans like “Drink Coca-Cola,” and it makes sense, […]