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Robotic Intimacies as Class and Chronicle

I just finished my first Robotic Intimacies class of the term, and I’m excited by what this new semester has in store. One of the insights that came out in discussion with a current grad student who had taken the class last term, the first time I taught it, is that the problematics that had […]

In the Run Up

It just struck me that the way I got over my imposter complex for large lectures was moving beyond thinking of the lecture scene as a performance that I was scripting and rehearsing and thinking of it more like an exam or interview that I prep for. Maybe I don’t know everything about, say, privacy […]

Referral: Trigger Warnings are about Violence (not Political Correctness)

Because I haven’t posted a referral in a while, and because I want to celebrate his triumphant return to blogging, and because this is an excellent piece, I refer you to Jonathan Sterne’s wonderful open letter in response to CAUT’s James Turk and the Montréal Gazette. In this respectful excoriation, Sterne aptly points out the intimate […]

Digital Intimacies

I’m extremely excited by one of the new courses I’m creating for the Winter term at Laurier: CS340h Digital Intimacies Course description:  This course provides a survey of some of the key issues facing scholars, society, communities, cultures and individuals surrounding the crucial conjunction of intimacy and digital culture. The course examines different theoretical and […]

The Art of the Paragraph

Most students don’t get paragraphing. They are stuck within the faulty and damaging logic of the 5 Paragraph Essay. They can’t think beyond the structure of: Intro Second Strongest Argument Weakest Argument Strongest Argument Conclusion … with a paragraph to each one. If you set them a 10-page essay, they will deliver five 2-page paragraphs; […]

Referral: Lauren Berlant on Politics, Writing and Checking-In

This morning’s inspiring reading comes from Lauren Berlant’s excellent blog Supervalent Thought. She’s writing about writing, politics, exhaustion and the process of checking-in, of consultation, of that thing-we-do-to-keep-ourselves-sane when the overwhelming grind of structural oppression just keeps dredging up more and more material evidence of how much work there still is to do and we […]


Marking is alchemy not chemistry.

Referral: Collaborative Learning Final Exam

Henry Jenkins shares the fascinating—not to mention fairly intimidating!—final exam from his recent Collaborative Learning class:

Brief Aside on the Power of Editing

I’m marking my finals and noticing that a student with in-progress writing skills has handed in a final that is obviously his work (especially since I saw a much rougher draft of the same material) but much cleaner and more well-wrought as a piece of writing. My intuition sees in this the marks of this […]

What Price Access?

As my packed teaching schedule has now waned to a shrinking pile of making on my desk, I will be able to post a bit more. Looking forward to May and June since I won’t be teaching at all and will be able to finally focus on getting my book Non-Monogamies in the Public Sphere […]