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Referral: Policing the Intimate Space of Nations This morning’s referral is a truly terrifying personal account by writer Clay Nikiforuk on her treatment by American border security agents due to being a woman carrying condoms. The telling conflation in this piece of open non-monogamy, adultery and sex work and the clearly misogynist attitudes and practices that conflate border security with ideological […]

Polygamy Ruling Imminent

We can expect the BC Supreme Court polygamy ruling today. Either way, this is going to be an interesting one to watch. More soon, but note how in this short article, already so much is at play: Bountiful, the subjunctively-framed “so-called polyamorists” (who are held even more in question than the polygamists by this […]

“Birds Do It, Bees Do It…”

Today a link from my Guardian news feed reminded me about the sheer goodness of Isabella Rossellini’s short film series Green Porno. Started in 2008, Green Porno stars Rossellini in short dramatic reenactments of the sex lives of animals. Now, in addition to three series of Green Porno, I was excited to discover two new series of […]