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Open Letter to Margaret Wente from the Sexuality Studies Association

Dear Ms. Wente, We write to thank you—tongue properly in cheek—for highlighting the Sexuality Studies Association in your article of 2 June, 2015. As a new and dynamic scholarly association committed to the critical study of sexuality from an intersectional social justice perspective, we appreciate that your column has projected awareness of our association on the […]

The Hunger Games and Hyperreality

As I was getting into Toronto on the train yesterday, I had a hyperreal Hunger Games—related moment. While finishing the sequel, Catching Fire, on my way back into town from my final Consumerism and Identities class in Brantford, I noticed that the woman next to me was tearing into the first book of the trilogy. […]

Zizekian Moment

I think I just experienced a Žižekian moment. Bear with me as I work out what I think I mean by this… Something I have always admired in the work of Slavoj Žižek is his ability to excise a Symbolic anchor from someplace in the world of words and images (which could be anything, a […]

What Passes for Election News

The last week-and-a-half has been an interesting one, news wise. The unexpected surge in support for the NDP and Jack Layton have been interesting to watch in mainstream media. I am especially fond of the blatant partisanship of some of the major national newspapers. The Globe and Mail, for example really likes to tow the […]

Polyamory on the CBC

This article is actually from just over a week ago, but I didn’t let myself write about it because of marking deadlines. But now that the marks are in and I’m between classes for a few weeks, it’s worth a mention. Polyamorists’ Relationships Wrongly Targeted: Lawyer This article is interesting from a number of angles. […]

Not Necessarily Skynet, but…

Ok, so I am as enthusiastic about new trends in technology as the next geeky technophile—as Eddie Izzard would say I have “techno-joy” rather than “techno-fear”—but articles like this one creep me the heck out. It is called “Robots to Get their Own Internet” and discusses a project called RoboEarth that will interlink robotic workers in an […]

Intertextual Polygamy

As the coverage pours in on the latter-days of the B.C. Court’s polygamy reference case,1 I am struck by the way that discourse flows between the news coverage of polygamy and the fictional accounts of polygamous life in the HBO series Big Love. I wrote about the first series of Big Love in some detail […]