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Referral: Trigger Warnings are about Violence (not Political Correctness)

Because I haven’t posted a referral in a while, and because I want to celebrate his triumphant return to blogging, and because this is an excellent piece, I refer you to Jonathan Sterne’s wonderful open letter in response to CAUT’s James Turk and the Montréal Gazette. In this respectful excoriation, Sterne aptly points out the intimate […]

Paths of Flight

So, apparently, as indexed by my apartment shaking every few minutes accompanied by the thundering of jet engines, there is another air show today in Toronto. I can’t say I’m a fan of these particular spectacles, which is a bit of a shame, because I enjoy aerospace technology in general. It’s just that whenever the […]

Hegemonic Intimacies

I am just reviewing an excellent article by Guillermo Avila-Saavedra for my Research Methods class and it got me thinking. The article (actually, an ICA conference proceeding) is called “The Black Working-Class Lesbian and Other Absences: A Holistic Approach to Queer Media Studies,” and is about how queer media studies often don’t live up to […]