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NOMOREPOTLUCKS article: Critical Intimacy Studies in the Era of Intersectional Hate

In this short piece, I look at what insights critical intimacy studies and affinity politics might have for the new ideological and political struggles made manifest in the rise of the so-called “alt-right” and Trumpism. In particular I explore tactics for reckoning with their powerful deployment of an “intersectionality of hate,” especially seeing new opportunities […]

CFP: Atlantis Cluster on Intimacies/Affect (1 Nov 2013)

I’m entering the last month of my book revisions so things will probably be a bit quiet here, but I wanted to make sure I poasted this. I’m co-editing a cluster on Intimacies/Affect for Atlantis with Suzanne Lenon and Susanne Luhmann, details below! *** Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture & Social Justice/ Études critiques sur […]


The crass oversimplicity of Facebook affect bugs me. It always weirds me out when people “like” bad or tragic news, sad or frustrating posts, or politically fraught or complicated messages. It’s not surprising to me that algorithms are starting to equate “likes” with endorsement, or posting a link—even if for criticism—as promotion of it; it […]

Digital Intimacies

I’m extremely excited by one of the new courses I’m creating for the Winter term at Laurier: CS340h Digital Intimacies Course description:  This course provides a survey of some of the key issues facing scholars, society, communities, cultures and individuals surrounding the crucial conjunction of intimacy and digital culture. The course examines different theoretical and […]

Polyamory on the CBC

This article is actually from just over a week ago, but I didn’t let myself write about it because of marking deadlines. But now that the marks are in and I’m between classes for a few weeks, it’s worth a mention. Polyamorists’ Relationships Wrongly Targeted: Lawyer This article is interesting from a number of angles. […]

Hegemonic Intimacies

I am just reviewing an excellent article by Guillermo Avila-Saavedra for my Research Methods class and it got me thinking. The article (actually, an ICA conference proceeding) is called “The Black Working-Class Lesbian and Other Absences: A Holistic Approach to Queer Media Studies,” and is about how queer media studies often don’t live up to […]

News, Publics and Peers

I’m sitting on some excellent news, professionally speaking, which becomes interesting when you have recently started a blog devoted (at least in part) to talking about matters related to professional academia. If part of your public persona is suddenly invested in a space of public intimacy, to use Maria Bakardjieva’s terminology, where is the line […]