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New Project: Hashtag Publics

Did I mention I’m compiling an edited collection on Hashtag Publics? Please see the CFP (also a new page on my sidebar) if you are interested!

Static! or Thinking Inside the Box

Apologies to anyone who visited the site in the last day or so and saw nothing but a mess of raw web nonsense… In my busyness and work on other projects, I neglected to realize that my experiments with new website editing software had supplanted my landing page with a cuckoo-like simulacrum that pretended to be […]

Survey: How to Present Academic Job Application Packages

One of the interesting things about the Internet is that a search for something that isn’t there can often become the most prominent hit about that very thing. This is what I found in trying to search for information about how one should present an application package when applying for academic jobs—something I am very […]