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The Hunger Games and Hyperreality

As I was getting into Toronto on the train yesterday, I had a hyperreal Hunger Games—related moment. While finishing the sequel, Catching Fire, on my way back into town from my final Consumerism and Identities class in Brantford, I noticed that the woman next to me was tearing into the first book of the trilogy. […]

Zizekian Moment

I think I just experienced a Žižekian moment. Bear with me as I work out what I think I mean by this… Something I have always admired in the work of Slavoj Žižek is his ability to excise a Symbolic anchor from someplace in the world of words and images (which could be anything, a […]


I’ve decided that part of the ambit of this blog is going to involve pointing to interesting stories and analyses on other sites. I figure that since I spend so much time reading interesting things on the internet and that I like the ability of networked Internet space to organically promote and amplify material that people think […]

“Birds Do It, Bees Do It…”

Today a link from my Guardian news feed reminded me about the sheer goodness of Isabella Rossellini’s short film series Green Porno. Started in 2008, Green Porno stars Rossellini in short dramatic reenactments of the sex lives of animals. Now, in addition to three series of Green Porno, I was excited to discover two new series of […]