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The Surfer and the Ice Cube

Recently I unearthed this paper I wrote for Brian Massumi’s brilliant PhD seminar on Discourse and Mediated Messages. The brilliance of this seminar was that we didn’t have a single reading about discourse; rather, we looked under and behind discourse to look at structuration, how things take form, event theory and and the bifurcation of […]

From Discourse to Event

(I have been working on a paper—book?—that proposes extending Discourse Analysis along the vector of Event Theory, trying to push against the paradigm of linguistic analysis by recontextualizing language as one form of meaning-making—of affecting—among many. Here’s a piece…) How do you stop Event Analysis from collapsing into simply “Analysis”? Maybe the trick is you […]


Spring and the buds outside my kitchen window have me thinking of growth. And in particular, seeds. Seeds fascinate me, from a complexity standpoint, from an event and affect standpoint. Massumi’s take on the relationship between affect an emotion is something akin to if we have emotion (embodied, situational) and in some way put it […]

Complex Singularities: Third Pass

I was going to do this post yesterday, while I was trekking across Toronto through the newly-dumped foot of snow, but try as I might I could not find the right iPhone application that would let me take a good macro picture of a snowflake. Here is one pulled off of the Internet, the photo […]

Complex Singularities: Second Pass

The idea for the title of this blog, Complex Singularities, comes from a certain way of thinking about discourse—discourse as event. For this I have to thank Brian Massumi who during my Ph.D. training gave an inspired course on Discourse Analysis that didn’t contain, to my memory, a single reading about “discourse”. The course was […]