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Robotic Intimacies as Class and Chronicle

I just finished my first Robotic Intimacies class of the term, and I’m excited by what this new semester has in store. One of the insights that came out in discussion with a current grad student who had taken the class last term, the first time I taught it, is that the problematics that had […]

Book Project: The History of Digital Intimacies

So after running the idea of a History of Digital Intimacies book series up the flagpole and getting a mixed response, I’ve decided to be less ambitions and go with a single book, tentatively titled The History of Digital Intimacies: Sexuality, Kinship, and Connection over Social Media. The title and matter will of course shift […]

Imagined Communities

The biggest misread of Benedict Anderson’s concept of “imagined communities” is the notion that his argument is that such worlds are false or fictional constructs. Rather, what is meant by “imaginary” here is its psychoanalytic usage, which is to say “made of of images”. Humans use images to conceive of the world around us, and […]