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On Editing

One of the reasons the writing process—and especially academic writing—relies so heavily on editing is that it is a sedimentary process. Writing develops over time, where slowly and steadily, layers of new information and nuance are added into a manuscript. When something is first drafted you do so in dialogue with a number of other […]

Big Data

Thinking qualitatively, what might we consider big data? In discourse analysis there is always more data than can be analyzed…


Marking is alchemy not chemistry.

Possible Books

Sometimes writing a book is like staring into the abyss and trying to yank out threads of possibility. Possible words. Possible sentences.

Liberalism and Privilege

The problem with the standard liberal line of argument on reformation’s preferability to revolution is its advocates’ failure to understand, or accept, or admit that social justice is not equally attractive for all parties specifically because some have much invested in continued relationships of unequal, unearned privilege, holding the world back from change.


To say something is overdetermined is to say that it is a flawed construct that nevertheless has a certain hand in (re)determining itself through the medium of its affects in the world.              

Freud, Reclaimed

A quick and dirty queer and feminist reappropriation of Freud would be to just replace all of his references to “normal sexuality” with “normative intimacy.”

Power (selon Foucault)

Perhaps one of the confusions English readers have reading Foucault in translation is his use of the word power. In English, the word “power” immediately has the connotation of “power over,” so when Foucault writes of multiple sources of power it seems counter-intuitive. Yet maybe the original term, pouvoir, carries a signification lost in translation. Pouvoir […]

in a simple grain of sand…

Blake talks about how one can see the whole universe in a simple grain of sand. These magnified pictures of sand speak to the truth of this. I think sand is another complex singularity—particular, honed to a familiar articulation and function by time and wave, but simultaneously billions upon billions of endpoints of singular journeys that all come together as a […]

Reading Haraway…

The cyborg is the bastard of western individual humanism.