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Book Project: The History of Digital Intimacies

So after running the idea of a History of Digital Intimacies book series up the flagpole and getting a mixed response, I’ve decided to be less ambitions and go with a single book, tentatively titled The History of Digital Intimacies: Sexuality, Kinship, and Connection over Social Media. The title and matter will of course shift […]


A bit of wind whistling through an open keyhole, this is just a quick post to say that I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but the energies I have been devoting to it have all been poured into the book manuscript of late. But with some result! The manuscript is finally complete and I will […]

Looking for People Interested in Reading Chapter Drafts for Non-Monogamy Book

I’m submitting my book manucript Non-Monogamies in the Public Sphere: Intimacy, Privilege and the Space of Discourse for review at UBC Press this summer. If anyone is interested in reading chapter drafts, please let me know, I would love any and all feedback, from academics and non-academics alike as I am aiming for a blended […]

What Price Access?

As my packed teaching schedule has now waned to a shrinking pile of making on my desk, I will be able to post a bit more. Looking forward to May and June since I won’t be teaching at all and will be able to finally focus on getting my book Non-Monogamies in the Public Sphere […]