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Discursive Struggles

How many world-historical struggles have been discursive struggles?

Book Project: The History of Digital Intimacies

So after running the idea of a History of Digital Intimacies book series up the flagpole and getting a mixed response, I’ve decided to be less ambitions and go with a single book, tentatively titled The History of Digital Intimacies: Sexuality, Kinship, and Connection over Social Media. The title and matter will of course shift […]

Open Letter to Margaret Wente from the Sexuality Studies Association

Dear Ms. Wente, We write to thank you—tongue properly in cheek—for highlighting the Sexuality Studies Association in your article of 2 June, 2015. As a new and dynamic scholarly association committed to the critical study of sexuality from an intersectional social justice perspective, we appreciate that your column has projected awareness of our association on the […]

Referral: Trigger Warnings are about Violence (not Political Correctness)

Because I haven’t posted a referral in a while, and because I want to celebrate his triumphant return to blogging, and because this is an excellent piece, I refer you to Jonathan Sterne’s wonderful open letter in response to CAUT’s James Turk and the Montréal Gazette. In this respectful excoriation, Sterne aptly points out the intimate […]

Griping About Grip

It is sadly telling of the state of advanced neoliberal capitalism that on my winter walk to work I always favour the private side of the street to the public. But I should explain. I live in Markham, Ontario, an unashamedly suburban town. One of those places notoriously designed for cars and not people. It […]

Referral: Office Hours are Over

I love this new meme genre of reaction gifs. It’s like someone figured out a way to bottle affect. This one in particular is wonderful for tapping that odd brew of emotions that is life in academe (with thanks to Andrew Herman for bringing it to my attention!)


Marking is alchemy not chemistry.

Referral: Collaborative Learning Final Exam

Henry Jenkins shares the fascinating—not to mention fairly intimidating!—final exam from his recent Collaborative Learning class:

Exercises for Marking Month Wrist Strain

This is a post for all of my academic colleagues who are currently in marking hell. Up until a year ago, I would always end up in a wrist brace come the end of term due to marking strain. With the combination of final term papers, exams, and the inevitable end-of-term influx of regular work—it’s […]

Brief Aside on the Power of Editing

I’m marking my finals and noticing that a student with in-progress writing skills has handed in a final that is obviously his work (especially since I saw a much rougher draft of the same material) but much cleaner and more well-wrought as a piece of writing. My intuition sees in this the marks of this […]