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Open Letter to Margaret Wente from the Sexuality Studies Association

Dear Ms. Wente, We write to thank you—tongue properly in cheek—for highlighting the Sexuality Studies Association in your article of 2 June, 2015. As a new and dynamic scholarly association committed to the critical study of sexuality from an intersectional social justice perspective, we appreciate that your column has projected awareness of our association on the […]

Referral: Reflecting on Monogamy from a Poly Perspective

This article by Heina Dadabhoy rings very true for me, though I would add straddling both worlds taught me as well about the issues that plague both monogamous and poly relationships, and about power in intimate relationships generally. Check it out here:

New paper: Mutt, Monster or Melting-Pot? Mixed-Race Metaphor and Obama’s Ambivalent Hybridity

I’m excited to post a new short article of mine just published in Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology for the special issue Hacking the Black/White Binary edited by the amazing Brittney Cooper and Margaret Rhee. You can find it here: And here is Brittney and Margaret’s timely and thoughtful introduction to the special […]

#RaceFail to #Ferguson

From an essay I’m working on today: One question worth asking is what is the space between #RaceFail and #Ferguson‬? One important thing to note is that the time between them isn’t neutral, but rather one of development. The networked persistence of discussions of racism in life and culture (of which the stickiness of #RaceFail is […]

Referral: Trigger Warnings are about Violence (not Political Correctness)

Because I haven’t posted a referral in a while, and because I want to celebrate his triumphant return to blogging, and because this is an excellent piece, I refer you to Jonathan Sterne’s wonderful open letter in response to CAUT’s James Turk and the Montréal Gazette. In this respectful excoriation, Sterne aptly points out the intimate […]

Griping About Grip

It is sadly telling of the state of advanced neoliberal capitalism that on my winter walk to work I always favour the private side of the street to the public. But I should explain. I live in Markham, Ontario, an unashamedly suburban town. One of those places notoriously designed for cars and not people. It […]

Imagined Communities

The biggest misread of Benedict Anderson’s concept of “imagined communities” is the notion that his argument is that such worlds are false or fictional constructs. Rather, what is meant by “imaginary” here is its psychoanalytic usage, which is to say “made of of images”. Humans use images to conceive of the world around us, and […]

Portrait of a Footnote

I think it takes me so long to write sometimes because I get caught up in the furrows and folds of the text I am producing. And I think that one of the reasons for this is the inherent complexity of the material relationships I am writing about. As political identities and connections, they have […]

The Surfer and the Ice Cube

Recently I unearthed this paper I wrote for Brian Massumi’s brilliant PhD seminar on Discourse and Mediated Messages. The brilliance of this seminar was that we didn’t have a single reading about discourse; rather, we looked under and behind discourse to look at structuration, how things take form, event theory and and the bifurcation of […]