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NOMOREPOTLUCKS article: Critical Intimacy Studies in the Era of Intersectional Hate

In this short piece, I look at what insights critical intimacy studies and affinity politics might have for the new ideological and political struggles made manifest in the rise of the so-called “alt-right” and Trumpism. In particular I explore tactics for reckoning with their powerful deployment of an “intersectionality of hate,” especially seeing new opportunities […]

New paper: Mutt, Monster or Melting-Pot? Mixed-Race Metaphor and Obama’s Ambivalent Hybridity

I’m excited to post a new short article of mine just published in Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology for the special issue Hacking the Black/White Binary edited by the amazing Brittney Cooper and Margaret Rhee. You can find it here: And here is Brittney and Margaret’s timely and thoughtful introduction to the special […]

The Surfer and the Ice Cube

Recently I unearthed this paper I wrote for Brian Massumi’s brilliant PhD seminar on Discourse and Mediated Messages. The brilliance of this seminar was that we didn’t have a single reading about discourse; rather, we looked under and behind discourse to look at structuration, how things take form, event theory and and the bifurcation of […]

Polygamy Charges, Again and Some Historical Context for Canadian Antipolygamy Laws

Canada might be closer to laying charges on polygamy and child exploitation in Bountiful, as this article outlines: New polygamy, exploitation charges considered in Bountiful case This is connected to a long historical context which doesn’t make it into the journalistic glosses on the topic. I recently gave a paper on this at the inaugural […]