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Multi-modal Discourse Analysis

Multi-modal Discourse Analysis is one that is updated to suit the specific needs of researchers in cultural and communication studies working with new media forms and formulations where local, global and transnational flows of discourse; notions of production and consumption; and divisions between the popular and the political are increasingly collapsed and folded in upon […]


To say something is overdetermined is to say that it is a flawed construct that nevertheless has a certain hand in (re)determining itself through the medium of its affects in the world.              

Freud, Reclaimed

A quick and dirty queer and feminist reappropriation of Freud would be to just replace all of his references to “normal sexuality” with “normative intimacy.”

Power (selon Foucault)

Perhaps one of the confusions English readers have reading Foucault in translation is his use of the word power. In English, the word “power” immediately has the connotation of “power over,” so when Foucault writes of multiple sources of power it seems counter-intuitive. Yet maybe the original term, pouvoir, carries a signification lost in translation. Pouvoir […]

in a simple grain of sand…

Blake talks about how one can see the whole universe in a simple grain of sand. These magnified pictures of sand speak to the truth of this. I think sand is another complex singularity—particular, honed to a familiar articulation and function by time and wave, but simultaneously billions upon billions of endpoints of singular journeys that all come together as a […]

Reading Haraway…

The cyborg is the bastard of western individual humanism.


Blog writing—but really, all web writing—is unfinished, dilatory, deferred. It’s captured and pushed out into the public sphere still blinking and not-completely-formed, concrete ephemera still in the process of becoming.

“[A]n increasing complexity”

(So can my not-tremendously-yet-used aphorisms category of posts contain interesting aphoristic quotations by others? Why, yes it can!) “There is no ‘the truth,’ ‘a truth’—truth is not one thing, or even a system. It is an increasing complexity.” ~ Adrienne Rich, On Lies, Secrets, and Silence, 1979, 187.

Art Theory?

If bands like Pink Floyd, tapping deep into an experimental vein of music, were producing something thought of as “Art Rock,” is it useful to think of experimental thought as “Art Theory”?