Complex Singularities

Adventures in Thinking Outside the Tower
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About the Blog

Complex Singularities is an experiment in digital intimacies. What is the relationship between a blog and a life? The relation is an intimate one, that much is certain, but what kind of intimacy is it? If the blog is a reflection of life, where does life stop and the image begin. If I see my life as reflected in the writing here—though infinitely more together, more bounded, and more unitary than I feel—what does that say about me? Or is the blog “an object to think with” for my own thinking about my professional identity, my writing, my pedagogy, my career. Caught between Lacan on the one hand and Turkle on the other, I find myself unsure just what this blog is, will be, or could be. But it will be interesting finding out!

This blog is maintained by Nathan Rambukkana, an Assistant Professor in Communication Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo Canada. For more about me you can follow the links in the sidebar to pages about my bio, C.V. and writing. For more on the blog, you can check out the “complex singularities” tag for entries where I am trying to figure it all out.