Complex Singularities

Adventures in Thinking Outside the Tower
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Musings about Quantum Entanglement

I filled a glass with ice from the refrigerator and was using the nozzle on the door to further fill the glass with water. I was watching as the sharp stream of water cut though a particular oblong of ice, right in the middle. I was waiting for the point at which it cut through completely, the event of severance, when the one piece became two. I watched it inch closer and closer, and was waiting to see the two halves become two pieces, to suddenly lose their rigidity and drift apart, to lose their orientation to one-another and shift in differentiating ways. But as I watched, I realized: I had missed it, the event had occurred. The two halves were now two pieces, but had kept their orientation to each other intact. My glass full of ice had frozen together enough that the halves were still connected to each other through the underlying substate of other ice cubes. They had preserved their orientation because, despite seeming disconnected from my limited vantage point, upon further observation their were still connected through a different medium, through a further dimension.

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