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Social Justice Warriors Unite!

As a discourse analyst, the calls to not use the term “alt-right” and instead use “White Supremacy” miss the mark I think. You can’t discount the materiality of the discourse of the alt-right, which contains elements of White Supremacy and White Nationalism, yes, but also consists of MRAs, Pick Up Artists, Gamergate, anti-gay and trans elements, etc. The alt-right is a re-articulation of various discourses forged out of, as Rembert Browne put it, the intersectionality of hate. We cannot collapse that dire diversity because it gives us clues to the multiple fronts of this battle. As with grassroots organizing, which the right excels at, it seems like they have also trumped us with respect to affinity politics. 

These are backlash politics writ large—writ yuge—and we need to do what we do best: name, identify, deconstruct, create cracks, workshop alternatives, persevere, make change. I say we start taking up the mantle of Social Justice Warriors in the proud tradition of taking their discourses and reversing them. This is what they are trying to do to us, after all, they are using our own tool kit and tactics to get at us. Enough. I refuse to cede that ground, to let “social justice” become their term to mock us with. 

Social Justice Warriors unite!

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