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Book Project: The History of Digital Intimacies

So after running the idea of a History of Digital Intimacies book series up the flagpole and getting a mixed response, I’ve decided to be less ambitions and go with a single book, tentatively titled The History of Digital Intimacies: Sexuality, Kinship, and Connection over Social Media. The title and matter will of course shift and blur over time but I am spending one month of the summer working out a grant proposal and book for the project as well as starting figuring out the parameters of the eventual book and moving towards the book proposal. I think one thing it will include is my digital authoethnography of my own digital intimate connections, including reflection on things like programming as a kid, hanging out and having relationships over Talkers during my undergrad (including breaking into computer labs in the middle of the night and having pizza parties with my friends who were also chatting with others is disparate virtual text worlds of the 90s while we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show on the big teaching screens, working for the online hitchhiker’s guide website in the late 90s, to now, where the majority of my professional social life is actually digital—sharing ideas, texts, news, discussion and frustrations over social media. It’s possible this is the introduction, it’s possible this is another chapter, but I find it extremely daunting—part research, part autobiography, part an archeology of my personal/intellectual journey. But is should be an interesting process… hopefully!

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